Herne Hill-on-Sea August 7 2013

Well the flood has receded from Half Moon Lane but also from our memories a little now! We are moving on – the refit works brilliantly with more space for buggies and even customers without wheels! It looks great – clearly laid out and I really like the colour scheme – I hope you do too. All this has translated into lots of new customers and our loyal clientele seem to be just as loyal as they ever were – thank you so much! All the businesses in Half Moon Lane have reopened with one or two changes – Merrygoround is now a beauty salon and nail bar. Unfortunately Number 22, the excellent tapas bar at, err, number 22, has thrown in the towel as Thames Water will not agree to their insurance claim. The Half Moon Pub is also still closed with planning permission in the pipeline for its rise from the ashes. Sludge, I mean.

Otherwise all systems are go. The market in Station Square goes from strength to strength and Herne Hill feels as though it is on the up.

I have started (and possibly already finished, although open to offers!) a new acting career – having been approached by Omega Pharma to star in their TV advert for Prevalin Allergy Nasal Spray – you can catch me on ITV etc everyday until 6th June 2015. There is a link to it  HERE. That has kept me busy for the last couple of weeks.

Now back to the dispensing bench!

Update 18/2/14:
I think we can say we are totally back to normal! We have completely restocked, and every shelf is now in place and  laden with goodies. Come and see what you think ….. and please let us know!
Update 24/1/14:
Refit pretty much finished, just a few snags  to sort out. A huge relief to be able to get stock on the shelves again! So we are now almost fully stocked again. But if you don’t see it please ask!
Update 11/12/13:
Refit started a week early!
Dispensary ready end of this week, shop end of next week, ie all done for Christmas, except inevitable snagging…
Update 28/11/13: – Refit booked for w/c 16/12/13! The plan is to refit the dispensary and counter medicines area while we continue to work in the front of the shop, then when complete move the dispensary back to it’s old home in the rear extension and refit the front area of the shop. The process will probably take 3 to 4 weeks. It’s going to be fun! I wondered what I was going to do on December the 25th…. Come on Thames Water, let’s have the money to pay for it – soon please……


Update  10/10/13: – all our stock arrived from storage somewhere in the nether regions of  Staines. Hopefully we will now have what you want, although it might take us a few minutes to find it….

Update 9/10/13:  We successfully opened on Monday 7/10/13! 
A big  thank you to the many customers who  have called in  to say hello and congratulations!  We have a full dispensing service and more counter lines than we thought we could fit in. 
Passport pictures also up and running!
Update 2/10/13:  Looks like we will be open on Monday 7/10/13. Fingers crossed! 
We will be opening the front of the store for prescriptions and for sales of medicines and core lines while the rear section is refitted over the next few weeks.
August 2013:  Apologies to all our customers – we are currently closed due to the huge flood that hit Herne Hill on Wednesday 7th August 2013. The Pharmacy had 2 feet of water in the shop and dispensary areas and 5 feet in the basement storeroom. The cause was a burst 3 foot diameter water main.
We are working hard to get back to a normal service, but please bear with us at this difficult time.
The whole shop needs to be completely stripped out and refitted, but we are hoping to install a temporary dispensary in early October.
Please contact your surgery if you are concerned about a prescription that should have been sent to us.